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Babel Grip Mat bundle set - Signature Black

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New Arrivals in July 2023

The long-awaited Babel Grip mat is back! A high-performance mat that is accommodative to all workout variations and styles. The last one you will ever need, the Babel Grip Mat is available in our very own Signature Black colour.

Perfect for your own-use, or even as a thoughtful gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas. The grip mat set comes with strap for ease of carrying & 2 yoga blocks for added support & stability. These handy blocks can also help to enhance your workouts or to make yoga poses more accessible.



Black Set includes: 1x Signature Black yoga mat, 1x Black mat strap, 2x Black yoga blocks
Designed for: HIIT, Yoga, Animal Flow, and any other performance-driven workouts.
Specification: Made with 100% Natural Rubber, with PU Top-Coat
Size/Dimension: 1830 mm x 680 mm
Thickness: 5mm


Product USPs

  • Signature Black - designed specifically with a centered line for alignment. The simplicity of this mat feature is an effective guide for keeping the position of your toes and heels aligned, for yoga practitioners of all levels.
  • Made with 100% PU latex (natural rubber) material.
  • Affordable, high-quality performance training mat and a yoga mat made for all workouts.
  • Material is breathable and sweat absorbent, ensuring minimal skid marks during HIIT (high-intensity) workouts and advanced yoga poses/sessions (advancing your downward dog with the extra grip!)
  • Laser-cut design that guarantees no wear-outs.
  • Super grippy and anti-slip.
  • Shock absorbent, ensuring maximum comfort and joint support in HIIT (high-intensity) workouts ad advanced yoga poses/sessions.
  • Extra wide and long, making our Babel Grip Mat inclusive of all body types, while being adaptable to different variations and types of workouts (e.g. skipping, Animal Flow).
  • Extra durable and high tear-resistant.
  • Our Babel Grip Mat has been stress-tested.


New mats may give off a strong smell when first unboxed. It is perfectly normal, as our Babel Grip Mats are made with recycled and sustainable materials. We would recommend to rinse/wipe the mat with non-alcoholic sanitiser, and airing it out, to reduce the smell at a faster rate.

This product is also available in Babel TTDI and Babel KLCC! Limited Quantity Available!